When A Californian Woman Moved Some Furniture, She Discovered This Hole Into A Secret Room

Jennifer Little is stunned after finding a manhole under the carpet of a Californian home she is clearing. The woman then decides to peer inside, but the uncertainty of what lies below leaves her frightened. So, she sends in husband Doug instead. And as the latter ventures into the dark hole, he hopes nothing will come out to meet him...

An unlikely occurrence

A huge audience of viewers tuned in to see what Little and her significant other had discovered in the gloomy depths. But they couldn’t have imagined what lay underneath the home. After all, the central coast of California is synonymous with sunshine and good times – not with creepy horror that waits in the dark!

Something unusual

Little does this kind of thing all the time, but she’s never experienced anything like this before. The California resident helps manage estates – diving into homes that have been left behind and scanning the properties for any interesting items. Occasionally, she’ll turn up a nice antique, but in March 2021 Little found something much weirder than treasure in a hole.

Antiques and relics

When Little finds comes across something worthwhile, she doesn’t keep it for herself. No, the primo stuff goes for auction online. And she does often discover nice things. But this time, what she finds cannot be sold. No, it’s the kind of thing that would send a shiver down your spine!

Sharing with social media

Little certainly doesn’t keep these discoveries quiet, either. She shares her adventures with thousands of followers on TikTok. And this particular find created a bit of a bombshell when she posted a short video about it in March 2021.