30 Twin Telepathy Stories To Freak You Out

When someone asks Reddit a question like “What’s the craziest experience of ‘Twin Telepathy’ you and your twin have had?” or “What is your most unexplainable experience with your twin?” you really need to pay attention. You just know the stories inside are going to blow your mind. These mysterious tales are totally unexplainable — and hella freaky.

Please note: entries have sometimes been lightly edited for clarity and length.

A death in the family

“My uncle had a twin. My grandma said the day his twin got lost, he was very upset. He woke up in the middle of the night and ran to her crying, ‘He is dead.’ They found his body in the ditch the next morning. Apparently a hit-and-run. Time of death was eerily close to the time my uncle woke up his mother.” — anonymous

Search your feelings

“I’m a complete scientific skeptic and completely aware that there is nothing supernatural about this, but it’s still very odd. Around the time (the same hour) that my twin sister died, I fainted for the first time in my life. I was not aware she had died (it was an aortic aneurysm, totally out of the blue, she was 23 and healthy). I was at work and just fainted. I wasn’t sick and never fainted before. I just collapsed to the floor with no warning and was unconscious for around five seconds, I think. While I was sitting and being looked at by the first aider at work, I got the call to go to the hospital as she had been taken in. She had already died at home, though. Worst day of my life.” — marilokisky

While you were sleeping

“My aunt and dad were twins. My aunt woke up in the middle of the night from an odd dream. She even woke my uncle up to tell him about it. In the dream, my dad told her to take care of my sister and me. He told my aunt he was leaving and needed her to look after us. She said the dream really shook her. That morning we found out my dad died in his sleep.” — IndiaLeigh

Dream of a funeral

“I’m an identical twin. My brother and I are very close. There was a brief period of time when my brother and I would longboard [under the influence]. I had an extremely vivid dream one night of my brother’s funeral. The dream started with me at an altar and a crowd of people sitting in pews. I looked down at the altar and noticed a sheet of paper, so I began reading it aloud. It described, in detail, how my brother died longboarding down a hill and getting hit by a car. I remember reading it and having this incredibly eerie feeling, like I was having some sort of premonition or something... I woke up sobbing incredibly hard, finding it hard to breathe... I wrote a lengthy text describing my dream and asking him to promise not to longboard under any sort of influence any time soon. We both quit longboarding shortly after.” — Negh

Back the truck up

“In high school, I was out four-wheeling with a friend at the time. My twin on the other hand was about 50 miles away from me at work. While screwing around that day, I flipped my buddy’s truck and almost got us killed. So being in the middle of nowhere with no cell service we figure out a plan to get help. A few hours later, after we make it back home and into cell service, I see I have a missed call from my twin. I give him a ring to tell this crazy story about wrecking a truck. He answers in a panic, asking me if I’m okay and what happened. Slightly caught off guard, I ask, what do you mean? He said he was working and at the exact time I flipped this truck into a ditch, he was hit with this wave of something going terribly wrong. He knew it involved me but didn’t know what had happened. After the phone call, I look at my phone to realize his call came one minute after I had crashed the truck. Throughout our lives there have been other instances of this.” — anonymous

Its all a dream

“My sister and I are identical. We live about ten miles apart, and one night I was experiencing sleep paralysis. During the ‘dream,’ she shook me awake and we talked for half an hour before we finally calmly fell asleep. The next morning, I woke up and started talking to her while I stood up and realized she wasn’t ever with me that night. Instead, she was at her house. Instantly, she calls me at that very moment and told me of a weird dream she had, and how she woke me up from a night terror. This happened recently but a lot of unexplainable things have happened between us throughout the years.” — not_the_suun

No brakes

“My dad and I were planning on dropping a tree in our backyard that day, so I had stayed home to help sharpen the teeth on the chainsaw blade because I was excited to be able to start splitting wood for the upcoming winter. It was and still is very therapeutic to me. Right when my dad mumbled to me to be careful not to cut myself because the teeth were sharp, I got the most insane abdominal cramps. So bad I was on the verge of tears. Then the phone rang. It was my cousin’s next-door neighbor, who said he had found Jeff laying in his yard screaming, he had been hit by a car...

If anyone is wondering, Jeff is fine, he got some money from the accident... although that helped him out financially and gave him some cushion, his ankle will always bother him.” — skrimpstaxx

In stitches

“When me and my twin sister were two, she got a finger stuck in a door and part of it was ripped out. My parents took her to the hospital while my aunt and uncle watched me at home.

Apparently, I was playing calmly and at a certain point I started shouting and crying and shaking. My aunt and uncle were so panicked, nothing seemed to appease me. My uncle even had to hold me in his arms because I was shaking hysterically. I eventually became calm again, as if nothing had happened.

When my parents came home, they explained the whole thing to them. My parents were in disbelief: at the same time I had my crisis, my sister went in the operation room to get stitches and my parents and the doctor were shocked that she didn’t even flinch, cry, or do whatever a two-year-old would normally do if having a finger stitched up without being anesthetized. She even laughed and sang while waiting in the emergency room.

My parents and aunt/uncle still believe to this day that somehow I felt the pain for my sister, that it was somehow transferred. Weird.” — mrspremise

A freak accident

“When I was nine, my identical twin sister and I were sitting on our front lawn right by the road, pitching acorns across into our neighbor’s yard. We saw a motorcycle coming down the road from very far away and we both looked at each other and said, ‘it’s going to crash.’ There was no reason for us to think this, but for some reason, we were both positive about this fact. We raced onto the porch and grabbed the telephone so we could call for help, and just as we came back out, the motorcycle crashed in the exact spot we had been sitting. We would have been killed had we stayed there. The guy on the bike was okay and was able to drive away. Still can’t explain this weird shared premonition...” — Teddy_thatsmyname

Does not translate

“My twin sister and I both took Spanish in eighth grade from the same teacher, but we were in different class periods. At the start of every new lesson, we would watch a video introducing what we were about to learn. Our teacher would always ask us if we had any questions after the video finished, and several times I was the only one with a question. And when I would ask it, our teacher would turn white and say, ‘Your sister was the only one with a question last period, and it was the exact same question.’ It happened about five times over the course of the year.” — anonymous

Same but different

“Nothing super crazy. But sometimes my twin and I will forget who did what. Like, I’ll have a specific memory of something even from a few years ago and she’ll go, ‘No, I did that.’ And sometimes it’s confusing and annoying because I’ll have such a vivid memory of doing it, but she did too. The exact same way.” — Happykamper991

Mother from another brother

“I have a story about my husband and his twin brother.

About 3.5 years ago, my husband and I found out that we were expecting a baby. We were having family over for BBQ and decided to tell everyone then. My husband went into the house with his brother to grab some drinks and his brother revealed that his wife was pregnant. She was just as far along as I was and we discovered that we must have got pregnant during the same week. We had our kids two days apart. It was a little weird.” — DJFuller

They see me strollin

“I have twin daughters. They are only 18 months, so they haven’t had a lot of time to do something too freaky. However, once I came to pick them up at daycare and they were still playing while I was talking with the teacher. They were on opposite sides of the room from each other each pushing a play stroller with a baby doll in it. At the exact same time, with no discernible communication made, they both stopped, walked to the other side of the room, and started pushing the other stroller. It was crazy.” — brontojem

Bad feeling about this

“My father is a twin. When my uncle was on his honeymoon, my parents were robbed. When my dad discovered the break-in, my uncle, sitting at his campsite, jumped up and told my aunt, ‘Pack your [stuff], something happened with [my dad]. We gotta go.’ They were 1500 miles away.” — Gonzostewie

“This feels like the intro to a movie.” — AttonDelete

I dream a dream

“With my sister we had the same dream, but from our own perspectives. Like multiplayer dreaming. I knew it because when I told my mom about what i had dreamt she finished off the story. I wish multiplayer dreaming was an actual thing.” — Chickensaurous

“This has happened to me and my twin before too! We also apparently used to argue in our sleep, and several times that we slept in the same room people have told me that me and my twin were sleeping in the exact same position.” — c0bees

The sandman

“During woodshop, my twin thought, ‘I wish I had that sandpaper.’ I thought he had said this aloud and handed the sandpaper to him without saying anything. No one around us heard him say he wanted sandpaper, and it is still one of our greatest moments.” — Call_Me_Kenneth_

“I do this with my brother and we’re three years apart. I think it’s like a close mindset and growing up together thing sometimes. It is pretty cool.” — Yerboogieman

I kneed you

“My mom swears this story is true, but I can’t remember it because we were quite young at the time!

One of us was going up the stairs, and the other was playing in the living room. My mom stood in the doorway of the hallway and the living room so that she could see both of us.

Whoever was on the stairs fell and banged their knee, but was fine. Instantly, the twin in the living room (who couldn’t see the stairs and was unaware anything had happened) suddenly grabbed his knee and started crying...” — Jackisback123

Rock, paper, scissors

“My twin and I were both sport camp counselors a couple of summers ago. To decide which team would go to bat first my twin and I would play Rock Paper Scissors. We ‘shot’ the same hand nine times in a row.” — friskyfrog224

“Watching my twin sons play Rock Paper Scissors is one of the funniest things ever. I’ve seen them go until they are both laughing so hard they can’t keep playing.” — nobodynosme

Bringing up baby

“My twin and I have felt each other’s illnesses at times and during pregnancies. I knew she was pregnant with her first child before she did. I started dry heaving in a store and knew it wasn’t me... called her and told her to do a test. The next day she was at my door with a positive test.

She just had a baby a month ago and wasn’t telling anyone she was at the hospital til after he was born. But I knew she was in labor almost immediately... I got a bad headache and told my oldest daughter that they were inducing her because I could feel the Pitocin. Sure enough, the next day she texted me that they’d induced her, starting with Pitocin. I also knew how her labor was going, I could feel her not progressing and knew she was going to have a c-section. Sure enough, exactly as I predicted within about an hour.” — jaysjami

Share and share alike

“We have gone through many weird twin things. Some minor ones, like being able to finish each other’s sentences or read each other’s minds with just a look at times. There are times when one of us will have a migraine for days and then get a break for a few hours and the other twin will call or text saying, ‘Thanks a lot, take it back’... We trade-off, it’s strange. One time I drank a lot and had zero hangover, but my sister who didn’t drink at all ended up with a terrible hangover. She wasn’t too happy about it. I developed a serious illness in 2007-2008 where no one could figure out what was going on and I was in and out of hospitals repeatedly... three years later, my sister got sick with the same mystery illness that confused doctors.” — jaysjami


“We tend to buy the same things for ourselves and our children at times, unknowingly, so there have been times where we’ve shown up somewhere where either she and I will be wearing the same thing, or our kids will be wearing the same thing. Our kids have ended up with the same clothes or toys so many times, just by coincidence. We have also shown up to events only to be horrified at wearing not the same shirt or outfit, but the same color which is just as ridiculous-feeling. No one wants to be matching with their twin when you’re 30 years old.” — jaysjami

Just the two of us

“Both of us used to wear eyeliner about two years ago but have since changed our makeup routines and neither of us wears eyeliner anymore. Except for one Sunday when we both woke up and thought, ‘Huh, I want to wear eyeliner today’ and put some on. We live in different buildings and neither of us had even mentioned eyeliner beforehand.

Then there was the time we both got up out of our chairs at the same time to go tell the other we wanted to make grilled cheese. We had been in separate rooms.” — anonymous

A burning sensation

“Back in 2004, my twin brother got married and went to Hawaii several months later on a delayed honeymoon. Around Tuesday, I started to feel really hot and felt the heat radiating off my skin. The next day it was a little worse. That night they called and said where they were at. I asked them if Jason had gotten a sunburn and his wife confirmed he had gotten his back sunburnt.” — Nate0110

A mysterious pain

“In college, I was giving plasma for the money (not my first time). When I left, I barely got to my car before I got really nauseous and almost passed out (first time that happened after donating). I just sat against the wall for a while until I could get to my car and slip into the car seat and take a nap. When I eventually got back to my dorm room, I had a voicemail from a nurse at a hospital letting me know my twin wanted her to call me to let me know she had a sudden acute pancreatitis attack and was going in for gall bladder removal surgery. Don’t know if the timing lined up exactly to when I fell ill, but seemed suspiciously likely.” — Bronco-1981

Like your style

“My identical twin sister and I showed up at Thanksgiving dinner, after not seeing each other for almost a year, wearing the same clothes. Which we had bought in two different stores, months apart, and in two different countries.” — IcedMercury

“I heard about a set of twins that was separated at birth and when reunited, found that they had married similar husbands with the same name, and had had the same amount of children which they had named the same.” — deadcomefebruary

A funny feeling

“I had been in a car accident and my sister called saying she just had a feeling that she should call and see if I was okay. And most recently my sister came over and I asked her how far along she was and she said she just found out that day. Somehow I knew she was pregnant.” — icequeen420

Know before you know

“When my twin sister got pregnant, I knew before she told me. I kept dreaming she had a kid. We were talking on the phone and I jokingly brought up that I thought she was pregnant because of my dreams. She was. She’d only learned a few days before and she and my brother-in-law were waiting to tell people. We also seem to always know when something big has happened, especially something bad. She knew something was up before I told her I was leaving my ex. I knew something was wrong before she confided in me about some health problems.

Apparently, it’s really weird for people who primarily only know/associate with one of us, to see us together. We tend to mirror each other’s mannerisms and voices. My sister’s husband especially gets a bit weirded out because he says the more time we spend together, the less he can tell us apart.” — FlannelCatsChannel

The first cut is the deepest

“When we were young, I broke my leg playing hide and seek. So while my parents are with me for some sort of surgery to fix the leg, my brother was left with some family friends. Suddenly, my brother screamed out in pain. Apparently, his leg was cramping. They noted the time, and it was the same exact minute they began cutting in my leg, miles away.” — Ilforn

Laughter is the best medicine

“My identical twin and I would lay in bed, when we were young and for no reason laugh in perfect unison almost every night.” — HellStorm40k

“My identical twin girls do this. They’re three years old and have done it since they first learned how to laugh. You’d think it would be creepy, but when they’re your babies it’s really just adorable and neat.” — colddustgirl

Night terrors

“When I was in college I had a night terror one night. Those things are terrifying. The next day, my fraternal twin sister calls me up. Said she’d been worrying about me, had woken up in the middle of the night, at the same time I had the nightmare, worried for me, and had started praying for me.” — PaulaTejas