Insider Details About Survivor That Show What Really Goes On Once The Cameras Are Off

What really goes on in Survivor? Probably not what you think! Sure, there are plenty of daredevil challenges, and the medevacs are definitely real. But filming the show from start to finish? The producers have kept a few things under wraps —until now. Here are 40 facts about the show that will wow, shock, and maybe even disgust you...

40. Players may be filmed nude

We all know that castaways are filmed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And yes, that includes any times the contestants are naked. Apparently, the Survivor team are legally allowed to take footage of anyone in their birthday suit on the island. 

39. Their dental care leaves a lot to be desired

Although they aren’t allowed to bring their own toothbrushes, players can make their own from bamboo they find on the island. It’s not the best solution, of course, and it could lead to cavities. “Obviously see a dentist the second you get back to civilization,” former contestant David Wright has advised.

38. Scenes are reenacted for the cameras

Nope, not every Survivor squabble or strategic meeting is as spontaneous as it seems. Mark Burnett, the show’s executive producer, has openly confessed that players are sometimes asked to reenact a particular scene. This is usually to help the camera crew capture the footage from a better angle.

37. Players have body doubles

Survivor contestants have at least one thing in common with Hollywood action stars: they both have their own body doubles. That’s right! A player will often be substituted for a lookalike if the camera crew fail to pick up a much-needed shot. This can also be done simply to save time.