The Most Stunning Wives And Girlfriends Of NASCAR Stars

Screeching tires and nail-biting overtakes go hand-in-hand with stock car racing, but what about the dazzling women who've fallen for the helmet-wearing stars? These NASCAR beauties could simply roll down the windows and recline as they enjoy the spoils of their super-successful partners, but where's the fun in that? There's an interior designer, multiple models, and even one who holds a degree in medicine. No back-seat drivers here then! So, who are the wives and girlfriends behind NASCAR's elite? It's time to find out... 

1. Lorra Bowyer

Married to: Clint Bowyer

Married since 2014, Lorra Bowyer was more enthusiastic about the pair’s nuptials than stock car star husband Clint. How do we know? Well, he grumbled, “Just tell me where I need to be”, to Fox Sports just months before their nuptials. You do the math! But while Clint isn’t the traditional romantic type, the pair sure make for a great couple. They have two kids together, too. 

2. DeLana Harvick

Married to: Keven Harvick

Sporting website Bleacher Report claims that DeLana is 'one of the most powerful women in the industry.' And they're not wrong. Not only was she raised in the pits under the skilled wing of renowned father John Paul Linville, but she also first hit the tracks at just three weeks old! DeLana and Kevin met back in 2000 and have seemingly gone from strength to strength ever since. 

3. Niki Taylor

Married to: Burney Lamar

After meeting Burney Lamar at a charity event in 2006, Niki Taylor instantly became enamored with the stock racer. And it didn’t take long for the model to realize the attraction was entirely mutual. In fact, Lamar proposed to her in October that very same year. And of course, she said yes. The pair have two children of their own and what looks like a picture-perfect blended family along with Taylor's children from a previous relationship.

4. Amy Reimann

Married to: Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Interior designer Amy Reimann was originally hired to jazz up Daytona winner Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s house. However, she soon found herself falling in love. Indeed, since that first encounter in 2009, the pair have proved an ideal match. They tied the knot on New Year’s Eve 2016 and have since welcomed two beautiful daughters into the world of fast cars and interiors.

5. Cortney Sauter

Married to: Johnny Sauter

Cortney Sauter has been the proud wife of reigning Camping World Truck champion Johnny since 2007. The blonde beauty is also a devoted parent to their four children, Penn, Paige, Annie, and Alice. 

6. Samantha Busch

Married to: Kyle Busch

Not to be outdone by his older brother Kurt, Kyle Busch married the lovely Samantha. While working at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Samantha had a chance encounter with Kyle. The pair subsequently exchanged numbers and eventually married in 2010.

7. Katelyn Larson

Married to: Kyle Larson

When Katelyn isn't trackside pulling her legendary beer stunt, she can be found running marathons or simply running around after her two adorable kids. Katelyn and Kyle tied the knot back in 2018 after meeting when Katelyn was working the motorsports scene. Her brother is the famed race car driver Brad Sweet, you see. 

8. Whitney Ward

Married to: Austin Dillon

As a former cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans, Whitney Ward is well versed in the world of sports. She became acquainted with NASCAR after getting close to racer Austin Dillon in 2015. Now married, the pair seem set to lead a long and happy life together.

9. Trisha Mears

Married to: Casey Mears

Formerly Trisha Grablander, the now Mrs. Mears keeps things private on her social media. However, the glamorous mum of two is flourishing in the world of fashion and modeling, even creating her own designs as one part of the company Trish & Ari. Much like she does with her online presence, Trisha also keeps her love life pretty hush-hush. The Mears' have been dating since the noughties and can be seen looking very much in love on the racing driver's Instagram. 

10. Ingrid Vandebosch

Married to: Jeff Gordon

Having posed for the likes of Vogue and Marie Claire, Ingrid Vandebosch possesses a beauty beyond compare. It was certainly enough to win over ex-racer Jeff Gordon. After being introduced by mutual friends, the couple began dating in 2004, married in 2006, and are now proud parents of two.

11. Crystal Hornish

Married to: Sam Hornish Jr.

Crystal Hornish first met future IndyCar champion Sam Hornish Jr. in high school, and she’s been with him ever since. Having married in 2004, the pair are now parents to three children. The family centers a lot of their time around faith, with Hornish even teaching bible study.

12. Sherry Pollex

In a relationship with: Martin Truex Jr.

After they were introduced through friends in 2006, Sherry Pollex and former Xfinity champion Martin Truex Jr. have dated for most of his career. But things haven’t always been easy for the driver’s partner. Pollex has been dealt blow after blow when it comes to her health, but the couple's love remains strong to this day.

13. Paige White

Married to: Brad Keselowski

Paige White is one of the most recent additions to the NASCAR family, as she wed Brad Keselowski in February 2017. Bad timing, though, as the 2017 Daytona 500 probably put a dent in the newlyweds’ alone time. No doubt their two children have since eaten into that precious couple-time, too. 

14. Chandra Johnson

Married to: Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson has fellow racer Jeff Gordon to thank for finding the love of his life. In 2002 Gordon introduced him to Chandra Johnson, who'd once modeled alongside Gordon’s wife, Ingrid Vandebosch. The pair have been married since 2004, and Chandra now manages her husband’s charity, the Jimmie Johnson Foundation.

15. Brittany Baca

Married to: Joey Logano

Before Joey Logano found NASCAR fame, he was just a lowly ice resurfacer at his sister’s rink. While visiting the concession stand there, he met Brittany Baca. And the rest, as they say, is history! Well, if you want the details, they shared their first kiss and promptly became boyfriend and girlfriend. And after several years of dating, the childhood sweethearts wed in 2014. N'aww!

16. Christy Futrell

Married to: Jamie McMurray

Christy Futrell had been friends with Jamie McMurray since 2006, but it took a while for them to begin dating. Eventually, though, romance began to blossom, and the pair finally tied the knot in 2009. They are now parents to a son and a daughter.

17. Patty Moise

Married to: Elton Sawyer

Patty Moise sure doesn't seem like the shy, retiring wife behind her fellow racing husband. Far from it. She faced challenge after challenge as a woman in a male-dominated sport, but that didn't stop her from bagging several full-time drives. As for Patty and Elton's relationship — they've been going strong for over 20 years now and have even been dubbed 'the first couple in NASCAR.' Impressive!

18. Kim Burton

Married to: Jeff Burton

Jeff and Kim Burton have one of the most enduring romances in NASCAR. Their relationship credentials are seriously impressive: the couple first met in high school and now boast over 30 years together. Kim is pretty accomplished, too. Aside from being a loving parent to her two children, she also owns her own management company. Youngest son Harrison is probably making dad pretty proud, given that he's fast becoming a NASCAR superstar in his own right.

19. Tara Meador

Married to: A. J. Allmendinger

A few months after his 2012 divorce from model Lynne Kush, A. J. Allmendinger began dating current partner Tara Meador. An architectural design consultant by trade, Meador met the stock car star at the Indy 500. And they’ve proved a winning pair ever since.

20. Katherine Downey

Married to: Carl Edwards

There’s no doubt that her husband, Carl Edwards, is the most famous member of their family. But Katherine Downey is at least as smart and skilled as her racer hubby. Downey – who met Edwards in 2006 – is a medical graduate who currently works as a physician. Brains and beauty. Turns out that stunning partners aren't just reserved for successful NASCAR drivers, though. Wrestling, golf, and football have their fair share of surprisingly powerful — and not to mention drop-dead gorgeous — women behind the scenes, too.

21. Alexa De Leon

Married to: Tyler Riddick

While her husband Tyler has long been a racer to watch out for, his impressive Cup Series win at the infamously messy Texas Motor Speedway race boosted his fame even further. Alexa, for her part, certainly isn't hanging out in the slow lane either. The couple welcomed their son Beau Riddick to the world in early 2020, and Alexa has fully committed to mom life, all while remaining her husband's biggest fan.

22. Marissa Powell

Married to: Kyle Van Noy

Kyle Van Noy and Marissa Powell first met in 2011, when the two were both beginning to find fame. Since then, Van Noy has gone on to become a linebacker for the Patriots, and Powell was crowned Miss Utah in 2013. Most importantly, though, the two got hitched in 2014, which we’re betting is just as much of a treasured moment for both of them.

23. Catalina White

Married to: Jack Swagger

Turns out that it’s swagger by name, swagger by nature. In 2009 the WWE star born Donald Jacob Hager Jr. managed to attract the attention of Catalina White – a model who’d graced the pages of FHM and Maxim. Within a year the couple had married and they later welcomed two children into the world.

24. Emily Mayfield

Married to: Baker Mayfield

You may know the Cleveland Browns’ Baker Mayfield for some outrageous on-pitch moments. But as his wife Emily told ESPN in 2019, the player is a real “softy” at heart. So much so that the influencer and WKYC personality asked him to move in with her in 2018 after only five days of dating. Now that’s what we call an instant attraction.

25. Paulina Gretzky

Married to: Dustin Johnson

Describing singer and model Paulina Gretzky as gorgeous is almost an understatement. The daughter of ice-hockey god Wayne Gretzky became engaged to PGA Tour regular Dustin Johnson in August 2013, with the couple welcoming their son Tatum into the world in January 2015. Apparently, Paulina's famous father told her to marry Johnson after meeting him for the very first time.

26. Carmella DeCesare

Married to: Jeff Garcia

After finding fame through Playboy magazine, Carmella DeCesare had the honor of being 2004’s Playmate of the Year. Besides her work for Hugh Hefner’s publication, the model has also posed for Sports Illustrated and even tried a career in wrestling. Nevertheless, DeCesare turned her back on the modeling world after marrying former 49ers quarterback Jeff Garcia, with whom she has four children.

27. Erin Walker

Married to: Jimmy Walker

In September 2015 Erin and Jimmy Walker – who has five PGA Tour wins to his name – marked their tenth wedding anniversary. Their choice of venue for the special occasion? A nighttime golf driving range. The couple met in 2004 and has two sons.

28. Michelle McCool

Married to: The Undertaker

Mark Calaway – aka The Undertaker – had always prided himself on being a man of mystery. However, that all changed when he married fellow WWE star Michelle McCool in 2010. And the ex-Diva appears to have inspired Calaway to share more of his private life on social media. Indeed, the couple – who have a daughter together named Kaia – are often pictured vacationing or attending high-profile events.

29. Ellie Day

Married to: Jason Day

Social media-savvy Ellie Day charmed golf fans the world over when she live-tweeted her husband Jason’s triumph at the 2015 PGA Championship. The pair exchanged vows in 2009 and have four children together.

30. Pollyanna Woodward

Married to: Paul Casey

Beautiful British TV presenter Pollyanna Woodward got engaged to former world number three and fellow Brit Paul Casey during the 2013-14 festive period. The couple had met two years previously at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and have two children together.

31. Ashley Nicole Wheeler

Married to: Philip Wheeler

With a relationship that’s lasted a decade, you know that Philip and Ashley Nicole Wheeler’s love is built to last. That being said, life in the media eye hasn’t been easy for the pair. In 2014 the former Miami Dolphins linebacker came to his WAGS Miami star wife’s defense after she received flack for posting a picture of herself proudly breastfeeding their child online.

32. Angie Gutierrez

Married to: Rey Mysterio

Even when he’s unmasked, Rey Mysterio still cuts a colorful figure. The luchador-born Oscar Gutierrez has covered much of his body with tattoos of his wife, Angie. The pair became husband and wife in 1997 and have since had two kids together whose names the wrestler has also immortalized in ink.

33. Diane Donald

Married to: Luke Donald

When former world number one Luke Donald met beautiful Chicagoan Diane Antonopoulos at Northwestern University, he knew that she was a keeper. The pair married in stunning Santorini, Greece in June 2007 – a year after the Englishman had proposed – and have three kids together.

34. Rachel Bush

Married to: Jordan Poyer

Over the years, Rachel Bush has caught the attention of many in the sporting world – including LeBron James. But this model and Instagram beauty only has eyes for one player – her husband Jordan Poyer. Since first hooking up in 2015 the couple has weathered some tough storms – including cheating rumors in 2018 – though they appear to have come out the other side blissfully happy.

35. Elise Tate

Married to: Golden Tate

For some, off-the-shelf engagement rings just don’t cut it for a proposal. And Golden Tate had the perfect ring made for his beautiful girlfriend Elise Pollard when he popped the question in 2015. “It had to be stunning to match her,” the Detroit Lions wide receiver told website The Knot. Of course, account executive Pollard said ‘yes’ and the couple wed two years later.

36. Amber Watney

Married to: Nick Watney

PGA Tour player Nick Watney has Rusty Uresti to thank for meeting the love of his life, for it was the caddie who put in a good word to his daughter Amber about him being the nicest guy on the circuit. The couple exchanged vows in October 2010.

37. Renee Young

Married to: Dean Ambrose

TV personality Renee Young got more than she bargained for when she first interviewed WWE star Dean Ambrose – aka Jon Moxley. The pair struck up such an instant connection that they soon began dating and four years later they tied the knot. Their wedding was anything but a tightly-planned affair, though; Ambrose and Young married on the spur of the moment at their home in Las Vegas.

38. Keeta Vaccaro

Married to: Tyreek Hill

When Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill proposed to Keeta Vaccaro on Independence Day 2021, he did so in style. In fact, he did so with fireworks, sneaking the big question into a display at a party organized by Vaccaro. And it seems like Vaccaro has plenty going on — she’s apparently a model and a social media influencer, she has her own brand and she’s a member of the American Physical Therapy Association.

39. Dowd Simpson

Married to: Frederick Webb Simpson

Like her husband James Frederick Webb Simpson – who won the U.S. Open in 2012 and is better known as Webb – Taylor Dowd Simpson prefers to be known by her middle name. Seemingly made for each other, the pair married in 2010 and have been together ever since.

40. Kerry Washington

Married to: Nnamdi Asomugha

While shows such as Scandal have made her one of America’s most popular actresses, Kerry Washington likes keeping a low profile. In particular, her marriage to former 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is something she rarely brings up on the red carpet. Perhaps, though, that’s the key to the couple’s success. And after a 2013 wedding and with two kids in tow, their relationship still seems as solid as a rock.

41. Sabine Borden

Married to: Sting

Masked wrestler Sting – aka Steve Borden – had quite the year in 2015. Not only did he make his WWE debut at Wrestlemania 31 but he also walked down the aisle with his second wife Sabine. Sting had previously been married to the mother of his two kids, Sue, for nearly a quarter of a century.

42. Christen Harper

Married to: Jared Goff

Dating Rams quarterback Jared Goff since 2019, Christen Harper is ultra-supportive of her beau’s career. And whenever she’s not acting or posing for Sports Illustrated issues, the model regularly cheers on her partner on Instagram. Still, with looks as good as Harper’s, we’re sure her 409K followers aren’t just following for NFL updates.

43. Stephanie Washington

Married to: Bret Hart

Bret Hart will be hoping that it’s third time lucky when it comes to getting wed. The WWE icon got divorced from Julie Smadu – the mother of his four kids – in 2002 after two decades as husband and wife. Hart’s next marriage to Italian-born Cinzia Rota lasted just three years following a dispute over their living arrangements. In 2010 he once again walked down the aisle, this time with a woman half his age – Stephanie Washington.

44. Brittany Matthews

Married to: Patrick Mahomes

September was an important month for Patrick Mahomes — the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback got his own 2020 Super Bowl ring. Dating Mahomes since high school, the magnificent Matthews is an athletic powerhouse in her own right who once played soccer professionally and now owns a fitness business.

45. Kate Aiken

Married to: Thomas Aiken

She is, according to, “the hottest caddie” in golf, and it just so happens that the golfer she caddies for is her husband. Kate married 2014 African Open champion Thomas Aiken – who hails from South Africa – in the Bahamas in 2013.

46. Ciara

Married to: Russell Wilson

Active in the pop world since 2004, Ciara is familiar to anyone with a fondness for R&B. The stunning “Get Up” singer won a Grammy in 2006, and she picked up another prize when she bagged Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in 2015. Following a whirlwind romance, the two got hitched in July 2016 and now have three children together: Sienna, Future, and the latest addition to their family, Win Harrison.

47. Kristin Stape

Married to: Graeme McDowell

2010 was a pretty good year for Northern Irishman Graeme McDowell. Not only did he win the U.S. Open, but he met and fell in love with stunning interior designer Kristin Stape. The pair married three years later in the Bahamas.

48. Leila Lopes

Married to: Osi Umenyiora

It’s certainly difficult to match a beauty queen for looks, and former Miss Universe Leila Lopes is as pretty as they come. Following a chance encounter at the 2012 New York Fashion Week, the pageant winner began dating former Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora. Three years later, the two tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Lopes’ native Angola.

49. Bess Katramados

Married to: Big Show

Despite his seven-foot-tall stature, wrestler Big Show isn’t the most imposing figure in his marriage. Rather, wife Bess Katramados admits that she runs the show when it comes to her relationship with the modern-day Andre the Giant. And following the star’s retirement from the ring in 2018, she now has plenty more opportunities to show who’s boss.

50. Maryse Ouellet

Married to: The Miz

WWE’s most star-studded couple have obvious chemistry on screen, and that’s likely a lot to do with their romance in real life. Yes, The Miz and Maryse dated for many years before deciding to tie the knot in 2014. And for their nuptials, they chose an exotic location befitting their superstar personas in WWE: the Bahamas.

51. Alicia Carriles

Married to: Fernández-Castaño

When Spanish pro Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño triumphed in the BMW Asian Open in 2006, he celebrated by immediately proposing to his girlfriend Alicia Carriles. The couple, who married later that year, have three wonderful kids together: Gonzalo, Lola, and Alicia.

52. Heidi Mueller

Married to: DeMarco Murray

If DeMarco Murray’s wife Heidi Mueller looks familiar, then that’s probably because you’ve seen her on TV before. Prior to marrying the Tennessee Titans running back in 2015, the glamorous actress was best known for her role as Kay Bennett on Passions. These days, though, Mueller devotes more time to family life.

53. Brandi Rhodes

Married to: Cody Rhodes

Best known to wrestling fans as Eden Stiles, Brandi Rhodes caught the eye of Cody – son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes – while conducting an interview with him. That fateful meeting led to a relationship, and the two proved their love in 2013 when they got married. So while Rhodes may have recently left the WWE over his failed Stardust gimmick, at least he’s still got his gorgeous wife by his side.

54. Kate Rose

Former gymnast Kate Phillips had been in a relationship with Englishman Justin Rose – who would go on to win the U.S. Open in 2013 – for a while before they got hitched in 2006. And the sporty pairing has had a couple of children since then: Leo arrived in 2009, while Charlotte followed in 2012.

55. Camille Kostek

In a relationship with: Rob Gronkowski

Believe it or not, Rob Gronkowski and his girlfriend Camille Kostek met on the pitch. No, not as competing players: the gorgeous Kostek was actually a cheerleader while Gronkowski played tight end for the New England Patriots. Since leaving the Patriots in 2015 to continue her budding romance, Kostek has worked as a swimsuit model for publications such as Sports Illustrated.

56. Madison Oberg

Married to: Carson Wentz

In 2017 Carson Wentz suffered an injury that stopped him from playing with the Philadelphia Eagles for their Super Bowl victory the following year. But 2017 wasn’t a complete write-off; on the contrary, it found the quarterback meeting the love of his life, Madison Oberg. Wentz would even make up for his Super Bowl absence by proposing to his belle after the team’s win.

57. Jillian Stacey

Married to: Keegan Bradley

Named by as one of the “most beautiful women in golf,” Jillian Stacey was introduced to onetime PGA Tour champion Keegan Bradley by mutual friends a few years back. The happy couple became engaged in the summer of 2015. Good work, guys.

58. Galina Becker

Married to: Roman Reigns

No current-day wrestler is as polarizing as “The Big Dog.” And while you either love or hate the Samoan performer, one person who falls firmly into the love camp is his beautiful wife Galina Becker. The former college sweethearts had a daughter together in 2008 and got married six years later.

59. Kasey Trione Moore

Married to: Lance Moore

Despite possessing the looks of a Hollywood pin-up, Kasey Trione Moore appears to like life on the down-low. And it seems that the wife of former Cleveland Browns wide receiver Lance Moore – who himself maintains a low social media profile – enjoys the quiet of her husband’s NFL retirement. That being said, pictures of the pair’s 2019 wedding show how stunning Trione Moore really is – especially in white.

60. Kristin Austin

Married to: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

After three failed marriages, you’d think that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would have steered away from walking down the aisle again. But “The Texas Rattlesnake” did find a fourth partner in Kristin Feres, and the pair became husband and wife in 2009. The couple now lives on Austin’s ranch in Texas and, on occasion, share photos of their adorable dogs on social media.

61. Anna Burns Welker

Married to: Wes Welker

Wes Welker’s wife Anna certainly isn’t averse to telling the world about her love for her husband. However, the former bikini model, who married the wide receiver in 2012, can go a little over the top with her enthusiasm. In particular, Anna had to issue an apology in 2013 after attacking linebacker Ray Lewis in a heated Facebook post.

62. Amy Mickelson

Married to: Phil Mickelson

Amy and Phil Mickelson met back in 1992. At that point, he was already a well-known golfer – although the Phoenix Suns cheerleader had never heard of him. Four years later, though, the pair tied the knot, and they’ve got three kids together: Amanda, Sophia, and Evan.

63. C.J. Perry

Married to: Miro

Rusev and Lana are probably the most effective pairing in WWE, and they’re also just as close in real life. In fact, “The Bulgarian Brute” and “The Ravishing Russian” even got hitched in 2016. And given his gorgeous bride, we’re probably not alone in thinking that Rusev is one of the luckier performers on the roster.

64. Maria Ochoa Mora

Married to: Camilo Villegas

After seeing each other for a number of years, Maria Ochoa and PGA Tour player Camilo Villegas tied the knot in his home nation of Colombia at the end of 2014. She posted on Instagram that their big day was “a celebration of love.” Aww.

65. Claudia Sampredo

In a relationship with: Julius Peppers

Julius Peppers may be long retired from the NFL, but he and fiancée Claudia Sampredo still enjoy the high life. Since 2014 the former Green Bay Packers defensive end and the Cuban-born model have been a picture-perfect couple. And while they may not be seen much together at football games, the pair can still be spotted at their favorite Miami hangouts.

66. Candice Crawford

Married to: Tony Romo

With a list of ex-lovers that includes Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood, Tony Romo certainly has quite the dating record. But for the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, none of these beauties stand up to the love of his life, Candice Crawford. A broadcaster and former beauty queen champion, Crawford became Romo’s wife in 2011 and welcomed the first of their three kids into the world one year later.

67. Jessie James Decker

Married to: Eric Decker

Following a string of bad boyfriends, a 22-year-old Jessie James swore off dating forever. But then her friend showed her a picture of Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker and the singer’s life was changed forever. After a month spent texting back on forth, the two officially became an item.

68. Ariel Meredith

Married to: Hakeem Nicks

As a result of posing for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue five times, Ariel Meredith is firmly ingrained in many sporting fans’ minds. And it seems that the former Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks is one of them. After dating her for two years, he popped the big question in 2014 and Meredith gave birth to their first child in 2015.

69. Katherine Webb

Married to: A.J. McCarron

If you were starting a promising modeling career, it would take something pretty special to give it up, right? Well, Katherine Webb – who gained success after starring in a famed Carl’s Jr. commercial – turned down further fame to marry Houston Texans quarterback A.J. McCarron in 2014. So was it worth it? According to a 2020 post from the ex-model’s Instagram, she “would do it all again in a heartbeat.”

70. Elizabeth Barry

Married to: Alex Smith

Elizabeth Barry and Alex Smith’s romance is a lot like Romeo and Juliet. Just like these Shakespearean lovers, the pair were on opposite ends of rival factions when they met: she, a cheerleader for the Raiders; he, a quarterback for the 49ers. But the pair didn’t let competition get in the way of their relationship and they’ve been blissfully married since 2009.

71. Kelly Hall

Married to: Matthew Stafford

For former cheerleader Kelly Hall, football is very much a family affair. And on top of having former-wide receiver Chad Hall for a brother, the bodacious blonde is also married to Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Getting together as University of Georgia students, the couple wed in 2015 and are now parents to four adorable kids.

72. Claire Till

Married to: George Kittle

You may think honesty is the core of a healthy relationship. And yet George Kittle utilized some harmless duplicity in getting his gorgeous girlfriend Claire Till to marry him. To this end, the tight end organized what Till thought was a photoshoot for San Francisco 49ers WAGs in 2019 only to surprise her with an engagement ring. Naturally, she said “yes.”

73. Sasha Dindayal

Married to: Antonio Gates

Formerly a model in hip-hop promo videos, Sasha Dindayal left the business after meeting Chargers tight end Antonio Gates. Since 2011, the two have appeared blissfully married and have a happy family together. In addition to being a wife and mother, Dindayal has also been trying to launch a music career since 2016.

74. Nikki Hairrell

Married to: Britton Colquitt

If your teenage experiences were anything like ours then you probably have some embarrassing memories of playing Truth or Dare. Luckily for Britton Colquitt, his encounter with the game in college led to him meeting his wife Nikki Hairrell. Married to the Denver Broncos punter since 2011, Hairrell has put her stunning looks to good use in the modeling world.

75. Sarah Celek

Married to: Garrett Celek

Though most NFL stars met their partners long after hitting the big league, 49ers tight end Garrett Celek has been with wife Sarah since college. While studying at Michigan State in 2007, Sarah – a bikini model – met Garrett through mutual friends. And seven years later the pair tied the knot in a cozy ceremony on Michigan’s Torch Lake.

76. Lauren Tannehill

Married to: Ryan Tannehill

Spring break isn’t usually a time we associate with finding true love, but this is how Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill and his wife Lauren first met. The two first crossed paths while partying in Panama City, Florida, in 2009 and eventually married three years later. Although still working as a model, Lauren remains attached to her hubby’s team through Dolphins wives’ Bible classes.

77. Nicole Williams English

Married to: Larry English

Perhaps best known for starring in WAGS, model Nicole Williams certainly isn’t afraid of the spotlight. Indeed, fans of the reality series were treated to an emotional season finale in 2016. It saw Williams’ beau of five years, Buccaneers defensive end Larry English, pop the question in front of the cameras. The happy couple tied the knot in December 2017.

78. Samantha Ponder

Married to: Christian Ponder

Don’t underestimate the power of social media in today’s dating game. In fact, 49ers quarterback Christian Ponder and ESPN reporter Samantha first met through Twitter. “He started sending me messages,” Samantha subsequently told Twin Cities in 2013. “I’m like, ‘Why is this old Florida State quarterback messaging me?’” Thankfully, her initial trepidation subsided and the two are now married with one child.

79. October Gonzalez

Married to: Tony Gonzalez

Matchmakers come in all shapes and sizes. Indeed, Tony and October Gonzalez have a certain Dennis Rodman to thank for their relationship. While working in a bar owned by the NBA player, October met the then Falcons tight end and they hooked up one year later. The two subsequently married in 2007 and now have two children.

80. Lilit Avagyan

Married to: Reggie Bush

After dating Kim Kardashian, in 2014 Bills running back Reggie Bush married dancer Lilit Avagyan. There were rumors of disharmony in 2017 amid reports that Bush was expecting a child with another woman. But the now-retired NFL star remains happily married to Avagyan and the pair now have three children together.

81. Gisele Bündchen

Married to: Tom Brady

Possibly the most famous supermodel in the world, Gisele Bündchen snagged the world’s most famous NFL player – Tom Brady – in 2006. Following a relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio, the catwalk star met the Patriots quarterback through a mutual friend. Bündchen later told Vanity Fair in 2009 that it was love at first sight. Indeed, the couple went on to marry in 2009.