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We Couldn’t Help But Wonder… Where Are The Stars of Sex and the City Now?

And Just Like That... is like an old, cozy pair of slippers. Sure, it may not be the coolest thing around, but boy is it comforting. Though the highly anticipated Sex and the City reboot hasn’t had the best reviews, it still fills us with that warm, fuzzy feeling. It also has us all nostalgic for the original SATC. Seeing Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte (hello, Samantha?) back on our screens is like seeing our kids all grown up. And while it’s great to see how far some of the original cast have come, there are a bunch of other actors from the hit ’90s show who we’re missing. So, we couldn’t help but wonder... Where are they now?

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

As the face — and voice — of Sex and the City, the part of Carrie Bradshaw needed a special actress. Did you know that before producers secured Sarah Jessica Parker, her co-stars Cynthia Nixon and Kristen Davis both read for the part? According to Davis, they were looking for someone with “the body of Heather Locklear and the mind of Dorothy Parker.” They needed someone charismatic and relatable, and it’s impossible now to imagine anyone other than SJP in the role. Her excellent portrayal of the iconic sex columnist bagged her a Primetime Emmy in 2004 after five previous nominations. Mind you, she wasn’t exactly a novice when she joined the show.

A sparkling showbiz career

In fact, Parker was somewhat of a veteran in the entertainment industry by the time SATC started in 1998. She made her Broadway debut in 1976 in a production of The Innocents at the tender age of 11! After that, SJP enjoyed a solid run in TV and film throughout the 1980s and early ’90s. The actress featured in memorable films such as Footloose, Flight of the Navigator, L.A. Story, Hocus Pocus, and Ed Wood. But of course, Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City became her defining role. So what came next?

“Coming home”

Parker didn’t slow down once Sex and the City came to an end in 2004. In addition to her acting work in box-office hits like Family Stone and Failure to Launch, she also founded a production company in 2005 named Pretty Matches. But after fans thought they’d seen the last of Carrie Bradshaw in the show’s two follow-up movies, along came And Just Like That... And according to SJP, it was an easy decision. She told Vogue in 2021, “The world of Carrie and her friends has always been about coming home. And I felt like we needed that right now.”

2. Kim Cattrall

While Carrie Bradshaw might have been the lead, Samantha Jones was many Sex and the City fans’ favorite character. And that was largely down to the unique charisma of Kim Cattrall. She knocked it out of the park, bagging two Screen Actors Guild Awards and a Golden Globe for her efforts. It’s crazy to think that she said no to the offer of playing Samantha on multiple occasions before finally taking the role. We can’t imagine any other actress as the straight-talking PR pro. But this wasn’t even Cattrall’s big break in the business.