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These Are The Strict Rules U.S. Presidents Must Never Break

The President of the United States is one of the world’s most powerful figures. Perhaps even the most powerful. But he or she still has a specific set of rules to follow after walking into the White House for the first time. And we’ve taken a closer look at 40 of those regulations – some of which are pretty weird!

40. They can’t go to children’s events

If you have dreams of becoming the president and a parent one day, you might want to hear this from Villanova University’s Dr. Jim Ronan. The political science teacher told Reader’s Digest, “Attending a child or grandchild’s dance recital or sporting event would involve such extensive security preparations for other attendees and participants that it’s essentially out of the question.” Oh well.

39. They can only decorate certain White House rooms

When you move into a new home, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to redecorate a room or two. The president’s no different in that respect after they arrive at the White House. But here’s the thing. The leader and his clan aren’t allowed to spruce up certain spaces like the Yellow Room or the Lincoln Room. In fact, the second and third tiers are the only spots they can really work on! Doh!

38. Former leaders must stay at Presidential Townhouse

Once a president’s term in office is finished, you might believe that they’re free from any more commitments. Well, that’s not quite accurate. Because if an ex-leader wants to travel to Washington, D.C, he’s strongly advised to shack up at the Presidential Townhouse. This building is safeguarded by teams of security – and the White House is just around the corner.

37. Their family must live in the White House

After a president’s inauguration, their family usually joins them to stay at the White House. Makes sense right? But that wasn’t the case with Donald Trump’s clan. Yes, his wife Melania and their kid Barron didn’t move into the famous building immediately as the latter needed to complete his school studies in New York.