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Behind-The-Scenes Oscar Facts That May Be More Interesting Than The Actual Awards

The Academy Awards is the biggest night in Hollywood — and all the stars come out to shine a light on the best movies of the year. Fans and critics will bask in the glow of A-list glamor and watch with bated breath to see who won, who lost, and who caused a scene. But in all the excitement, it's easy to forget that it takes a village to pull off the Oscars with such aplomb. How do they do it? Well, the answer to that is arguably as fascinating as the show itself.

The red carpet is a unique shade of red

The red carpet that's rolled out for the Oscars is not just any ordinary red carpet. For one thing, its color is known as Academy Red and is an exclusive hue created specifically for this event. It's so singular, in fact, that no one knows the secrets of the shade. "Some things that make the Academy Awards the Academy Awards should be proprietary," associate producer Joe Lewis explained to newspaper the Los Angeles Times in 2017.

It takes a loooooong time to roll out the red carpet

We call it the red carpet, but it's more like a red road. This thing is 50,000 square feet and is looked after by Signature Systems Group. The company has 18 people in charge of the unique rug, and they will spend about 900 man-hours getting it just right for the big night. "There are road closures, there is heavy security," Lynn Nichols from Signature Systems explained to the LA Times in 2017. But, they added, "there is definitely a buzz in the air."

The first red carpet was rolled out in 1961

You could argue that it just wouldn't be the same Academy Awards if they didn't have a red carpet. And you would be kind of right and kind of wrong. The carpet is certainly a tradition of the ceremony — and one that allows celebrities and designers to show off their unforgettable fashion. But the Oscars did go ahead without the red carpet for over 30 years, with the first one making its appearance in 1961.

The red carpet is guarded by security for good reason

You might think it odd that a carpet needs a heavy security presence — but this is one sought-after carpet. "I know that people have taken hunks out of the carpet in the past," Oscars associate producer Lewis told the Los Angeles Times in 2017. "You could put it on eBay." So if you were thinking that you might be able to try to walk on part of the red carpet yourself, think again.