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Workers Digging Near A Medieval Monastery Just Uncovered A Mysterious Network Of Tunnels

It’s early spring 2021, and a team of electrical engineers are working amidst the picturesque scenery of Wales’ Wye Valley. Their task involves digging a trench, but soon they find themselves breaking into a strange tunnel hidden beneath the ground. This structure isn’t on any of their maps or plans, meaning it’s taken the workers totally by surprise. It seems that this eerie tunnel has been forgotten for untold centuries.

Natural beauty of Wye Valley

The Wye Valley’s natural beauty was certainly on the minds of the Western Power Distribution team. They’d been dispatched to a customer’s home in Monmouthshire to install a new power line pole, but the electricians wanted to preserve the landscape as much as possible while digging. The discovery of the tunnel, therefore, threw everyone for a loop.

All's according to plan

Allyn Gore, the technician in charge of the job, spoke about the discovery in an article published on the WPD’s official website. He said, “Before work began, all the usual checks and permissions were in place, thanks to Wayleave Officer Luke Summers. Nothing had shown up on any of our drawings or records to indicate there was anything unusual about the site.”

Avoiding an eyesore

Gore explained why they needed to dig in order to move the pole, as the customer requested. He revealed, “We needed to move the existing wooden pole, and underground a span of cable, because if we used an angled stay on the new pole, it would impede walking on a footpath there.” The thought of creating an eyesore in an area of such physical beauty would have been unthinkable to the team.

Idyllic U.K. destination

The Wye Valley has been credited with kickstarting Britain’s early tourism industry. That’s because the area’s home to more castles than any other place in the U.K., meaning that it’s rich with history. In 1971 it was officially designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the landscape is still visited regularly by tourists today.