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The Most Successful Winners Of ‘The Voice’ Ranked

The Voice has been one of NBC’s most popular entertainment shows since it first aired back in 2011. But the chair-spinning singing contest has struggled to spawn many breakout superstars like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, who found huge fame after winning American Idol. Here’s a look at how 20 of The Voice’s winners have fared since their triumphant night, ranked from the least to the most successful.

20. Todd Tilghman 

Todd Tilghman only scrapes into our Top 20 because of the quiet careers of the other two remaining winners. Maelyn Jarmon hasn’t released anything at all since emerging triumphant in 2019. And it’s too early to call how 2022 victor Bryce Leatherwood has fared. So what exactly has the 40-something pastor been up to since picking up the crown in The Voice’s 18th season? 

Home Wasn’t Built in a Day

Well, Tilghman has at least dropped a couple of singles. “Home Wasn’t Built in a Day” arrived in September 2022 and was followed up by “Fall” just a month later. The man of the cloth has also racked up a fairly impressive 46,300 Instagram followers! But Tilghman has yet to fulfil the promise he showed on the NBC show. 

19. Josh Kaufman 

Josh Kaufman won the sixth season of The Voice. But he’s since been overshadowed by two of the singers he pipped to the crown. One was in tragic circumstances, of course. Christina Grimmie was fatally shot at a meet-and-greet in 2016. And the other is Morgan Wallen, the multi-million-selling country singer whose career has been shrouded in controversy.  

Ndoxo Vol. 1

Unlike Wallen, Kaufman has yet to grace any of the Billboard charts. He has released a studio album, Ndoxo Vol.1, in 2019, though. Kaufman did also join another talent show graduate, Candice Glover of American Idol, at Broadway celebration Home for the Holidays two years previously and has amassed more than 29,000 followers on Instagram.