The Most Successful Winners Of ‘The Voice’ Ranked

The Voice has been one of NBC’s most popular entertainment shows since it first aired back in 2011. But the chair-spinning singing contest has struggled to spawn many breakout superstars like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, who found huge fame after winning American Idol. Here’s a look at how 20 of The Voice’s winners have fared since their triumphant night, ranked from the least to the most successful.

20. Todd Tilghman 

Todd Tilghman only scrapes into our Top 20 because of the quiet careers of the other two remaining winners. Maelyn Jarmon hasn’t released anything at all since emerging triumphant in 2019. And it’s too early to call how 2022 victor Bryce Leatherwood has fared. So what exactly has the 40-something pastor been up to since picking up the crown in The Voice’s 18th season? 

Home Wasn’t Built in a Day

Well, Tilghman has at least dropped a couple of singles. “Home Wasn’t Built in a Day” arrived in September 2022 and was followed up by “Fall” just a month later. The man of the cloth has also racked up a fairly impressive 46,300 Instagram followers! But Tilghman has yet to fulfil the promise he showed on the NBC show. 

19. Josh Kaufman 

Josh Kaufman won the sixth season of The Voice. But he’s since been overshadowed by two of the singers he pipped to the crown. One was in tragic circumstances, of course. Christina Grimmie was fatally shot at a meet-and-greet in 2016. And the other is Morgan Wallen, the multi-million-selling country singer whose career has been shrouded in controversy.  

Ndoxo Vol. 1

Unlike Wallen, Kaufman has yet to grace any of the Billboard charts. He has released a studio album, Ndoxo Vol.1, in 2019, though. Kaufman did also join another talent show graduate, Candice Glover of American Idol, at Broadway celebration Home for the Holidays two years previously and has amassed more than 29,000 followers on Instagram.  

18. Carter Rubin 

Carter Rubin may well appear higher up this list in a few years’ time. After all, the season 19 winner is still in his teens — the baby-faced singer was only 17 when he was crowned The Voice champion — and his victory was only in 2020. The early signs are promising, too.  


Yes, Rubin’s first single “Horoscope” has amassed a creditable 200,000 Spotify streams since dropping in September 2021. A follow-up, “Time Machine,” then arrived just two months later. And the youngster’s social media following is slightly more impressive than Tilghman’s, too. Rubin is fast approaching the 70,000-follower mark on Instagram.

17. Jermaine Paul 

Jermaine Paul is proof of how The Voice can’t guarantee post-show success. In fact, rather embarrassingly the singer’s biggest career achievements came before he competed on the 2012 season. Yes, Paul is surely the only contestant who already had a Grammy nomination to his name by the time he graced the NBC show’s stage. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’ll be adding another anytime soon.  

Everyone in the World

Yes, Paul’s biggest Spotify hit is a track that pre-dates his talent-show stint. And his Instagram following is one of the lowest for a The Voice winner at just over 16,000. In his defense, though, Paul did manage a Billboard entry in 2013. His single “Everyone in the World” reached No.27 on the rather niche chart known as the Adult R&B Airplay. 

16. Craig Wayne Boyd 

 Craig Wayne Boyd looked destined to become a regular on the Hot Country chart when he reached number one with a track from his time on The Voice. But the season seven winner failed to capitalize on his early momentum. In fact, the long-haired singer has only recorded one full-length LP since his 2014 stint.  

Not overshadowed

Boyd is still releasing music, though. In 2019 he dropped From the Inbetween, a five-track EP. And he still has a respectable 30,000 Instagram followers to his name. Unlike many of his fellow winners Boyd hasn’t been overshadowed by the contestants he pipped to the NBC talent show crown, either. 

15. Cam Anthony 

Cam Anthony was a very modern The Voice winner. He’d previously been a sensation on YouTube as a pre-teen thanks to his remarkable vocal talent. The youngster even went on to perform on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and at the White House as a result. And the NBC hit wasn’t his first taste of talent-show success: Anthony had also emerged triumphant on a 2018 episode of Showtime at the Apollo

Original material

Anthony was therefore always going to struggle to eclipse his early success. He is at least giving it a try, though. The former child prodigy has been enjoying recording original material, including 2022 single “Keep It Between Us.” And Anthony still has a healthy following on the video-sharing platform which launched him to fame.  

14. Javier Colon 

Remember how Kelly Clarkson set the blueprint for all other American Idol stars to follow when she was crowned the Fox phenomenon’s first winner? Well, it’s fair to say that The Voice’s inaugural champion hasn’t had quite the same influence. In fact, like several of his fellow graduates contestants Javier Colon’s biggest success came before he hit the NBC show’s stage.  


Yes, Colon’s only post-show LP, Gravity, failed to bother the charts at all, unlike his debut all the way back in 2003. Still, the 2011 winner has at least moved with the times. He’s become a popular figure on the social media platform that requires the shortest attention span, TikTok. 

13. Jake Hoot 

Jake Hoot has Kelly Clarkson to thank for both his victory and his post-show success. The country music singer was mentored by the original American Idol during his triumphant 2019 run. And he scored a Hot Country Digital Song chart-topper two years later with Clarkson duet, “I Would’ve Loved You.” 

Grand Ole Opry

Hoot has since dropped the Fan Made Tapes EP and the single “B4U.” The 30-something has also graced one of the most prestigious stages in the country genre, the Grand Ole Opry, on several occasions since his 17th-season victory. Hoot has amassed a creditable 75,000 Instagram followers along the way, too.  

12. Girl Named Tom

Girl Named Tom will perhaps always be remembered by The Voice fans no matter how their career progresses. Siblings Joshua, Bekah, and Caleb Liechty were the first group to be crowned the winners of the NBC smash. And the trio decided to strike while the iron was hot, too.  

One More Christmas

Yes, the unusually-named band dropped their first full-length studio effort, One More Christmas, just a year after winning the 21st season of The Voice. The Liechty family have also amassed an Instagram following of approximately 120,000. Expect the musical trio to be much higher on this list in years to come. 

11. Chris Blue 

Like many of The Voice’s winners, Chris Blue enjoyed Billboard success during his run on the NBC show. Several of his cover versions reached the R&B charts back in 2017. But the singer has yet to add to his tally of entries since being crowned the champion in season 12.  

Fresh Start

That’s certainly not for the want of trying, though: Blue has released two studio albums since his talent-show triumph, Fresh Start and the festive effort One Light. The singer then released the single “Moon” in 2021. By this point he had racked up an impressive 88,000 followers on Instagram.  

10. Chloe Kohanski 

Chloe Kohanski is the first The Voice winner to release music under a new guise. That’s right: the 2017 victor is now better known as chloe mk. Of course, changing her name isn’t the only thing that the singer has been keeping busy with since emerging triumphant in season 13. She’s been conquering Spotify for one thing.  

All the Same Ok

Yes, The Artist Formerly Known As Chloe Kohanski — TAFKACK? — racked up 1 million streams of her 2020 single “Cosmic.” She’s also regularly made pole position on Billboard’s Emerging Artist chart and amassed 60,000 Instagram followers. The star dropped her first EP, Fantasy, in 2019 too, and followed it up with a full-length LP, All the Same Ok, two years later. 

9. Alisan Porter 

Alisan Porter was already familiar to many before she took to the The Voice stage, particularly if you grew up in the early 1990s. Yes, the 2016 victor was a one-time child star, having appeared as the young lead in comedy Curly Sue. And Porter has been determined to sustain her fame this time around.  

Neon Dreams

In 2019 Porter dropped a new album, Pink Cloud, and followed it up a year later with the single “Lungs.” The one-time actress is now approaching the 100k mark on Instagram, too. And in 2017 she joined several other The Voice graduates including winner chloe mk for a Las Vegas special titled Neon Dreams

8. Sundance Head

Sundance Head is proof that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. The singer, whose real first name is Jason, was eliminated in the semi-finals of American Idol in 2007. But nearly a decade later Head got the chance to taste talent-show success when he was crowned the winner of The Voice’s 11th season. And he’s since made up for lost time.  

Starting Again

Yes, Head has recorded no fewer than four studio albums since his The Voice win in 2016 including Starting Again. The prolific 40-something also made the Hot 100 with his winner’s single. And proving his versatility, the star has scored entries on both the Hot Country and Hot Christian charts, too.  

7. Tessanne Chin

Tessanne Chin has achieved what many The Voice winners fail to do in the wake of their NBC run: score a Top 50 LP. Yes, the fifth-season victor reached No.41 on the U.S. album chart with her debut. And soon after she was invited to showcase her singing talents at the White House! 

Instagram star

Chin is still busy recording music and in the summer of 2022 she released the single “Earth, Wind & Fire.” But it’s on social media where the talented singer’s career is truly thriving. Chin is one of The Voice’s most popular graduates on Instagram, having accrued a whopping 280,000 followers!

6. Chevel Shepherd 

Chevel Shepherd has enjoyed several Top-Ten singles on the Hot Country Digital Song Sales chart since winning The Voice’s 15th season in 2018. The singer has also recorded the festive LP, A Good Ol’ Country Christmas, topped the Emerging Artist chart, and amassed more than 140,000 followers on Instagram. But could her true calling lie elsewhere? 


In 2022 Shepherd proved she’s a woman of many talents when she made her big-screen debut in the movie Vengeance. The star played a teenage singer in B.J. Novak’s directorial effort. Shepherd was also cast as Samantha Nichols in Wildfire, a redemptive drama inspired by both the Cherokee Ghost Horse legend and Michael Martin Murphey’s eponymous song.  

5. Brynn Cartelli 

Brynn Cartelli was aged just 15 in 2018 when she won The Voice, making her the youngest victor in the NBC show’s history! That same year she picked up a People’s Choice Award nod and the singer has since built up an Instagram following of 225,000! Cartelli is also smashing it on Spotify as well.  

Based on a True Story

Yes, “Love You in My Mind,” “Last Night’s Mascara,” and “If I Could” have all racked up millions of streams on the music platform. Even more impressively, all three are original songs! Cartelli has yet to release a full-length album but she did drop an EP, Based on a True Story, in 2021. 

4. Sawyer Fredericks 

Sawyer Fredericks had an incredible 14 tracks in the iTunes Top 200 following his victory on The Voice in 2015. That’s still an all-time high for the series. His track “Please” very nearly smashed the record for one-day downloads, too. And unlike many winners, Fredericks has managed to sustain his success after leaving the career launchpad behind.  

A Good Storm

That’s right: both Fredericks’ 2015 self-titled debut album and 2016 follow-up A Good Storm made the Billboard 200. The singer has enjoyed appearances on the Rock, Country, and Alternative hit parades, too. And although his 90,000-follower count on Instagram can’t compete with The Voice’s highest, it’s still nothing to be sniffed at.  

3. Jordan Smith 

Jordan Smith was already making Billboard history during his 2015 run on The Voice. The singer became the first to occupy the top two positions on the Hot Christian Songs chart. Following his victory, Smith also narrowly missed out on the top of the album chart with his first studio effort, Something Beautiful. A year later he also achieved success with his Yuletide album, Tis the Season.  

American Song Contest

But Smith’s success extends far beyond the Billboard charts, though. He received a writing credit on “Ashes,” the Deadpool soundtrack number performed by none other than legendary diva Celine Dion. And then in 2022 Smith came third in the inaugural American Song Contest as Kentucky’s representative with the track, “Sparrow.”

2. Danielle Bradbery 

Danielle Bradbery scored multiple entries on both the Hot 100 and Hot Country Songs charts during her triumphant spell on The Voice’s fourth season, back in the summer of 2013. And she's added to her Billboard tally with several original singles since, including Thomas Rhett duet “Goodbye Summer.” Bradbery’s most successful single on Spotify is “Sway”: it has been streamed an astonishing 60 million times! 

Hart of Dixie

Bradbery also has similarly impressive numbers on social media, including nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram. In 2019 she picked up a New Female Vocalist of the Year nod at the Academy of Country Music Awards. And the versatile artist has bagged cameos in dramas Hart of Dixie and Nashville, too. 

1. Cassadee Pope

Like many The Voice winners, Cassadee Pope was already familiar to some before she graced the NBC show’s stage. She’d been the lead vocalist of pop-punk outfit Hey Monday. But the star decided to take a different direction during her talent-show spell: country music. And her unlikely pivot sure paid off.  

Grammy nominee

Yes, Pope is the only The Voice graduate to pick up a Grammy nod after competing on the show. She’s also shown her miming skills on Lip Sync Battle, reached No.9 on the U.S. album chart with first LP Frame by Frame, and has nearly 600,000 followers on Instagram. Pope is still going strong having dropped her album, the aptly-named Thrive, in 2021.