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Facts About Frasier That Fans Probably Won’t Know

Creating a sitcom that’s as clever as it is laugh-out-loud funny is tricky, and it’s probably never been accomplished as seamlessly as Frasier. A storyline based around a radio psychiatrist might not seem like an obvious place for comedy gold to form — but that’s why its writers deserve great praise. Yet despite its popularity, there are a few secrets about the show that slipped under the radar. With the Frasier reboot promising to make us laugh even harder, it's about time we learned the truth about Frasier Crane and how his wacky show came to be.

1. Frasier wasn't actually filmed in Seattle

Like most sitcoms, the city where the characters have their misadventures in Frasier is integral to the plot. But even though the city of Seattle is featured prominently in the opening credits and is the focal point of many of the storylines, it isn’t actually where the show was filmed. In fact, most filming was done on set in Los Angeles, California, with just one episode – “The 1000th Show” – shot in the famous city.

And the show definitely takes advantage of filming on location during that episode. Not only do Frasier and Niles get in the middle of a fish-throwing competition at Pike Place Market, but they all see the Space Needle and Monorail Station.

2. Eddie was played by a dog named Moose

Any fan of the show knows that the way to Eddie’s heart is through his stomach. And it turns out that Moose, who played the mischievous Eddie, is no different. Whenever there was a scene requirement for the lovable canine to lick the face of Martin Crane, played by John Mahoney, the crew would dab the actor's face with sardine oil. Lovely!

And if they had to film a scene where Eddie licks someone's face, the actor would have to put liver pâté behind their ears. Ah, the things actors do to get the perfect shot.

3. Niles almost didn't exist

Fans know just how crucial a role Frasier’s brother Niles played in the show, but what they might not know is that the character was never originally written into the show. In fact, the casting director saw such a startling similarity between David Hyde Pierce (Niles) and Kelsey Grammer (Frasier) that he decided to create the character of Niles just for him.

And so, the relatively unknown actor came forward to play the role of Niles. The rest is comedy history, and the actor has four Emmy Awards to show for it!

4. Eddie may have received the most fan mail

No, the most popular character on Frasier may not have been the pretentious radio personality himself, but his four-legged nemesis. You might be surprised to learn that Eddie received more fan mail than any of his human cast-mates on the show, but that’s exactly what John Mahoney said in an interview.

The lovable Jack Russell terrier not only had the privilege of gracing many magazine covers, but he also had adoring fans sending their praises through the mail. "I know it's very popular for [the press] to say he gets more [fan mail] than I do," Grammer once told The Washington Post. Is that jealousy we hear?