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The Colony Of Roanoke Eerily Vanished In 1590, Now One Expert Says He’s Solved The Great Mystery

America’s Roanoke colony vanished without a trace. It was started in the early days of the New World, when a band of settlers arrived on an island off the coast of North America. They built homes, began farming, and ultimately created a small community. Within three years, though, they had disappeared, never to be seen again. So where did they go? Well, compelling new evidence could now finally solve the puzzle.

The Governor returned to find no one

Even today, the fate of the missing inhabitants remains one of American history’s most enduring puzzles. And you should know that the colony was barely off its feet when governor John White left Roanoke on a mission to source much-needed supplies. By the time he returned, however, the rest of the settlers – including members of his own family – were nowhere to be seen. What happened?

What happened to the colonists?

Did the settlers perish in a violent battle with the forces struggling for control of the New World? Or did they starve as they waited in vain for Smith to return? Perhaps, alternatively, they survived, abandoning Roanoke for pastures new? Whatever the truth, it has remained elusive. And over the centuries, the case has grown colder and colder... until now.

Researchers find new evidence

Yes, in October 2020 a new chapter in this fascinating story began to unfold. According to the First Colony Foundation, a research group based in North Carolina, evidence has emerged that sheds new light on the settlers’ ultimate fate. So, has the mystery of Roanoke been solved once and for all?

They tried to succeed where others failed

The story of the lost colony began in May 1587, when a group of English settlers set sail for Roanoke Island. A small spit of land off the coast of what is now North Carolina, it had already been the setting for one community, established two years previously. But, perhaps tellingly, that earlier venture had failed, and most of the inhabitants had evacuated back to their homeland.