Touching Tributes From Celebrities Show How Much They Adored The Queen

Queen Elizabeth II’s passing was felt keenly in every corner of the globe — and naturally, that was equally true for celebrities. When news of her death started to spread, in flooded their touching tributes. From Elton John to David and Victoria Beckham, here are the people who publicly shared their tributes and happy memories.

1. Olivia Colman

When discussing Elizabeth’s lasting legacy with Variety magazine, Olivia Colman said, “I wouldn’t know where to begin with that... She made a promise as a young woman and she absolutely kept it with such dignity. We’re all incredibly impressed by what she did.” She also complimented the way King Charles III addressed the British nation following his mother’s passing. “He did it about love, tolerance, and gentleness, and that is what she always wanted and she’s done... I felt proud to be British.”

2. Sir David Attenborough

David Attenborough and Elizabeth were the same age, and he had the privilege of spending quite a bit of time with Her Majesty over the years. So he was understandably upset when she passed away. Of her, he said, “Not for one second could you forget that you were in the presence of someone who had willingly accepted enormous responsibility and dedicated her life to serving the nation – that you were, in short, in the presence of royalty. The whole nation is bereaved.”

3. Elton John

“Along with the rest of the nation, I am deeply saddened to hear the news of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s passing,” Elton John wrote on Twitter. “She was an inspiring presence to be around and led the country through some of our greatest and darkest moments with grace, decency, and a genuine caring warmth. Queen Elizabeth has been a huge part of my life from childhood to this day, and I will miss her dearly.”

4. Ant and Dec

Rumor has it that British television hosts Ant and Dec got to see the cheeky side of Her Majesty at a celebrity party. When the pair crossed paths with Elizabeth, she apparently pretended not to know who they were, asking them if they were behind the camera. They were unsurprisingly very upset about her death, writing on Twitter, “We are deeply saddened by the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It is hard to believe she will no longer be with us. Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with King Charles and the entire royal family. Rest In Peace Your Majesty. And thank you.”

5. Ed Sheeran

The singer shared a black-and-white photo of Her Majesty with the simple-yet-poignant caption, “Thank you ma’am.” Sheeran has had the honor of performing at two of Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilees. The first was the Diamond Jubilee of 2012 where he sang “The A Team,” and the second was the Platinum Jubilee of 2022, where he closed the weekend of celebrations with “Perfect.” It was a tribute to Elizabeth and Philip’s long marriage.

6. The Beckhams

“Today is a very sad day not just for our country but for the entire world,” Victoria Beckham wrote on Instagram. “I’m deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved monarch, Her Majesty The Queen. She will be remembered for her steadfast loyalty and service and my thoughts are with the royal family at this incredibly sad time.” And her husband, David Beckham, queued for 13 hours among regular folk to pay his respects to Her Majesty when she was lying in state at Westminster Hall, London.

7. Harry Styles

Harry Styles was performing a concert in Madison Square Garden on the day that the news of Queen Elizabeth’s passing was released. He paid tribute on the stage, reaching out to fans. “From my homeland, there was some very sad news today; the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Please join me in a round of applause for 70 years of service,” he said. And his words were met with cheers.

8. Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren played Queen Elizabeth in the 2006 movie, The Queen. So there’s no doubt she felt that brought her a little closer to the monarch than most. When she learned of Elizabeth’s passing, she took to Instagram to share a gorgeous black-and-white side-on photo of Her Majesty. “I am proud to be an Elizabethan. We mourn a woman, who, with or without the crown, was the epitome of nobility,” was the caption.

9. Paddington Bear

Queen Elizabeth filmed an unforgettable skit alongside Paddington Bear in celebration of her Platinum Jubilee. In it, she pulls a marmalade sandwich out of her handbag, and the raincoat-wearing bear thanks her, for everything. The same remark was uploaded to Paddington’s social media on the day of her passing. Those few words said it all really.

10. Andrew Lloyd Webber

“For the whole of my life, the Queen has been the constant anchor of not just Britain and her beloved Commonwealth, but an inspiration to the world for her lifetime of service,” the composer Andrew Lloyd-Webber wrote on his website. “Her legacy will be remembered as a selfless beacon for love, understanding and the celebration of fellow human beings all over the world, no matter their race or creed. Madeleine [his wife] and I are deeply saddened by this news, and our thoughts and prayers are with Her Majesty The Queen’s family.”

11. Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig was another lucky person who got to work creatively with Elizabeth — they filmed a Bond-themed skit for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Acknowledging Her Majesty’s passing, Craig told news agency PA, “I, like so many, was deeply saddened by the news today and my thoughts are with the royal family, those she loved, and all those who loved her.” And he added that the Queen would be “profoundly missed.”

12. Mick Jagger

“For my whole life Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has always been there,” Rolling Stones frontman Jagger wrote on Twitter. “In my childhood I can recall watching her wedding highlights on TV. I remember her as a beautiful young lady, to the much beloved grandmother of the nation. My deepest sympathies are with the royal family.”

13. Mo Farah

The British gold medalist Mo Farah got the opportunity to meet Elizabeth when he was knighted back in 2017. After her passing, Farah described meeting her as “one of the greatest honors of [his] life.” His message also read, “My condolences to the royal family at this very sad time. The Queen was loved all over the world and meant so much to so many.”

14. The Osbournes

Both Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne were affected by the news of Elizabeth’s passing. “I mourn with my country the passing of our greatest Queen,” Ozzy wrote on Twitter. “With a heavy heart, I say it is devastating the thought of England without Queen Elizabeth II.” And wife Sharon echoed her husband’s sentiments. “Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth ll. The embodiment of strength, dignity, and unwavering commitment to her vow. May you be at peace beside His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.”

15. Gary Lineker 

Gary Lineker is a football legend in the U.K. After news of the Queen’s passing broke, many football games got canceled as a mark of respect. But Lineker felt the sport had missed out on the chance to pay its respects to Her Majesty. He did, though, post his own heartfelt tribute on social media. “Such a terribly sad day. Her Majesty the Queen has died. A truly remarkable woman who served her country with dignity, loyalty, and grace. A comforting ever present in the lives of most of us. Rest In Peace, Your Majesty.”

16. Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King’s Twitter tribute to Elizabeth came in two parts. It began, “I am saddened to learn of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. For 70 years, her leadership, impact, and influence on the United Kingdom and the entire global community has been immense. I met her in 2010 at Wimbledon, and it was a special moment for me.” And she then wrote, “She was the longest-reigning British monarch in history, the only woman from the royal family to serve in the armed forces, and a respected leader around the world. She earned her place in history, and she will be missed.”

17. Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan has been quick to defend Elizabeth with everything that’s happened with Harry and Meghan in the last few years, and he was deeply saddened by her loss. “RIP Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 96,” he wrote on Twitter. “The greatest monarch in history, and the greatest of Britons. Dignified, humble, wise, stoic, and dedicated to duty & service to the country she loved. Thank you for everything, Ma’am. We will be forever indebted to you.”

18. Peter Andre

When the news of the Queen’s passing broker, Peter Andre shared this post on Instagram: “Like many I feel so so sad about this. It has made me very emotional. Very surreal. Wow. Longest-reigning monarch in British history. A true leader. Our Queen, but also a mother, grandmother, and wife. May she rest in peace with her beloved husband.” He also ventured into the British capital with his family to lay flowers for Her Majesty — something people from all over did, too.

19. Apple CEO Tim Cook

“There is nothing more noble than to devote your life to the service of others,” Tim Cook wrote on Twitter. “We stand with the people of the U.K. and Commonwealth in honoring the life and dedication to duty of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. May she rest in peace.”

20. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock was in the gym when he recorded his tribute video for Elizabeth. “I’m just swooping in quickly… to send my love, my condolences, my light, strength and mana to the royal family during this time in the spirit of the passing of the Queen,” he said. “I’m so sorry. I know the pain. Like, we all know the pain. What a life! What an incredible life! I’ve never had the privilege or honor of meeting the Queen, but what a life.”

21. Whoopi Goldberg

Not every celebrity who made a tribute had a personal story to tell about Elizabeth, but Whoopi Goldberg did. The actress wrote on Twitter, “Several years ago, I met Queen Elizabeth at The Royal Variety Performance of 2009. As she approached me, all I could think of was ‘WTH?? I’m an American kid from the projects, and I’m in the company of the Queen of England.’ I was in awe. Rest In Peace. God Save the King.”

22. Tom Jones

“Queen Elizabeth II was a constant presence and inspiration throughout my life,” the Welsh singer Tom Jones wrote on Twitter. “She was a reassuring force in difficult times, her dedication was faultless and her commitment to duty was unrivaled. I am honored and blessed to have witnessed her reign. My deepest sympathies to the royal family, and gratefully I say, long live the King.”

23. Stress buster

One big reason why Queen Elizabeth is remembered so fondly is because of her sense of humor. These lovely photographs show the late Queen at her funniest, sweetest, and most down-to-earth. “Given the strict official life she leads, I firmly believe the Queen finds humor a great stress buster, particularly given all the thousands of people she meets,” royal correspondent Richard Mineards told Vanity Fair in 2021. Here she is in the middle of a good giggle while meeting people on board the Royal Yacht Britannia in 1992.

24. Try not to smile!

When Prince Harry graduated from Sandhurst military academy in 2006, the head of the Armed Forces was there to inspect the new cadets. And it just so happens that the head of the Armed Forces was none other than his granny! While his fellow graduates remained stoic and serious, Harry grinned as the Queen walked by, and whatever she said to him made his cheeks turn bright red.

25. Partying the night away

May 8, 1945, the end of World War II in Europe, was a very special occasion for the Queen. That was the only time she ever got to go out incognito and, well, party the night away. We’ll never know exactly what the 19-year-old Princess Elizabeth, accompanied by her sister and 16 bodyguards, got up to — but it was probably lots of fun.

26. “I Am the QUEEN!”

This humorous anecdote might be hard to believe if it didn’t come from the world-famous star that is Elton John. In his 2019 memoir Me he remembered the Queen telling off her nephew Viscount Linley by lightly slapping him on the face and telling him, “‘Don’t’ — slap — ‘argue’ — slap — ‘with’ — slap — ‘me’ — slap — ‘I’ — slap — ‘am’ — slap — ‘THE QUEEN!’” Oh, to have been present for that.

27. Queen entertainer

The Queen was always able to bring a light touch even to very serious situations, especially when kids were involved. Here she is sharing a joke with the young daughter of DI James Beaton. Beaton was a bodyguard who took three bullets protecting Princess Anne from a kidnapper, and thankfully he survived. You can practically feel the sheer relief radiating from this photo.

28. Marmalade sandwiches

The Queen got to show her funny side to the entire world when she made a cute video with Paddington Bear for her Jubilee Concert. Paddington’s a digital character and so wasn’t really there, of course, but it seemed like he was as he showed the Queen the marmalade sandwich he kept under his hat. The Queen responded by opening her famous handbag and removing her own sandwich. Fans loved it.

29. Beefeaters

Here’s Queen Elizabeth II having a laugh with her Beefeaters, the strikingly dressed ceremonial guards of the Tower of London. Apparently, they got their name from a moment in medieval history when they were permitted to eat meat with the monarch if they so pleased, so let’s hope the Queen took them all out for burgers afterwards.

30. Hearty laugh

Queen Elizabeth appreciated the quick wit of other people as well. This pic from 1984 was originally captioned, “The Queen and Prince Philip enjoy a hearty laugh during a reception outside the Cornwall civic center yesterday. As a Canadian Forces 414 squadron flew past; drowning out Mayor Gerald Parisien’s welcoming speech; the mayor deftly ad libbed [that] the flypast was planned at that very moment for the royal couple’s benefit.”

31. Toy time

This photo shows Princess Elizabeth being given a toy stove for the young Prince Charles to play with. We wonder if it was the idea of the heir to the throne using a stove that was so funny, or if she was just happy to be there. One year later, she’d be Queen, and her life would change forever.

32. Light relief

Here Queen Elizabeth watches a horse race at Royal Ascot and shares a joke with someone very dear to her, her granddaughter Zara Tindall. According to royal expert Ingrid Seward, speaking to the website Fabulous Digital in 2019, the Queen always loved spending time with Zara and her husband Mike because they were “light relief” and she could “be herself around them.”

33. A royal rollicking with Reagan

Queen Elizabeth met 13 presidents during her reign, but Ronald Reagan was said to be her favorite. They used to go horseback riding together, and by the looks of things, he found Her Majesty very funny. Here she is making Reagan roar with laughter after a dry joke about the terrible Californian weather during her trip.

34. Very British weather

It seems the Queen used to get annoyed by the weather just like anyone else — or did she? In the 2015 Karen Dolby book The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II, politician Richard Crossman observed of the monarch, “When she is deeply moved and tries to control it, she looks like an angry thundercloud. So very often when she has been deeply touched by the plaudits of the crowd she merely looks terribly bad-tempered.”

35. Oldie of the year

How cheeky do you have to be to offer the Queen an “oldie of the year” award? Very — but her response was pretty funny, too. The then-95-year-old sent a message back to the magazine who’d offered her the award, and it read: “Her Majesty believes you are as old as you feel, as such The Queen does not believe she meets the relevant criteria to be able to accept, and hopes you will find a more worthy recipient.”

36. Grinning at the races

This shot is from 1973, when the Queen — wearing much more relaxed clothing than usual — was enjoying herself at the Windsor Horse Show. The original caption for this image read: “Pomp and circumstance are all right, but there’s nothing like a good laugh.” We bet the Queen, who often looked her happiest when she around horses, almost certainly would have agreed.

37. Charming China

You may not know this but Queen Elizabeth II helped to improve the United Kingdom’s relations with China. In 1986 she visited Chinese President Li Xiannian, bringing with her a pair of priceless lion artworks that’d been looted from his country in 1900. It’s clear her diplomacy, charm, and that all-important sense of humor helped win over both politicians and the general public.

38. Inappropriate giggles

In 1990 some remarks by the Queen Mother leaked out and one anecdote was about the young Princess Elizabeth. According to her mom, Elizabeth had once laughed while none other than T.S. Elliot was performing for her. “First the girls got the giggles, and then I did, and then even the King,” she told novelist A.N. Wilson, who relayed the funny story to the newspapers.

39. Chuckling with the troops

Gone are the days when the monarch had to be totally serious while meeting members of the armed forces. This photo shows Queen Elizabeth on an assault course speaking to Royal Marines recruits in Devon, England, but having a good laugh with them rather than giving orders or stern looks. For those men it was almost certainly an experience they’ll never forget.

40. Laughs with Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth was the ceremonial monarch of many nations, including the Pacific island of Tuvalu. In 1982 she and Prince Philip visited for the first time, and the citizens put on a magnificent display for them, which Elizabeth clearly enjoyed very much. Upon the Queen’s passing, Tuvalu’s acting prime minister Simon Kofe released a statement saying, “We were fortunate to have the Queen visit us... and we recognize her incredible commitment to service.”

41. Pointed prank

This anecdote highlights both the Queen’s sense of humor and her sense of fair play. In 1998 she met the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, a country where women weren’t allowed to drive. So she took over as his chauffeur for the visit, and terrified the Crown Prince with her fast driving. He escaped unscathed but perhaps he learned something.

42. Swordplay

This hilarious pic was taken at the G7 Summit in 2021 and, yes, that’s a real sword. It was lent to the Queen by the Lord-Lieutenant of Cornwall and she liked it so much that she decided to cut her cake with it. When told there was a knife she could use, the Queen politely responded, “I know there is. This is something that is more unusual.”

43. Horsing around

Throughout her long life and reign the Queen was very closely associated with the Royal Windsor Horse Show. She attended it regularly since 1943, the first ever show, which was staged to raise money for the war effort at the height of World War II. The Queen actually won her first prize that year in the pony & dogcart class. No wonder she enjoyed herself so much.

44. Dropping the mic

Queen Elizabeth showed a whole different side to her in 2016, a side that the internet absolutely loved. She appeared in a cheeky video with Prince Harry and the Obamas to promote the prince’s incredibly successful Invictus Games. The monarch looked at the Obamas’ previous fighting-talk video, dismissed it with “Oh really? Please,” and then Harry did a mic drop. What a moment.

45. Fun with Ford

Queen Elizabeth made a lot of world leaders laugh during the course of her reign — exactly the sort of thing you need when it comes to forging strong diplomatic relationships. The occasion pictured here was in 1976, when the United States was celebrating its 200th anniversary and the Queen was hosted at the White House by President Gerald Ford. After dinner, they danced.

46. "Bloody ’ell, ma’am"

Perhaps you remember this incident from The Crown? In 1982 a drunk man broke into Buckingham Palace and got all the way into the Queen’s bedroom, which obviously caused her much distress. According to biographer Thomas Blaikie, she made light of it by imitating the chambermaid present at the time, walking around saying, “Bloody ’ell, ma’am, what’s ’e doin’ in ’ere?”

47. Family resemblance

Here a young Elizabeth smiles with her children Prince Charles and Princess Anne as she awaits the arrival of the Queen Mother, who’s returning from a tour in 1956. It’s thought that Anne inherited the Queen’s sly sense of humor and those who know Anne have often talked about her quick wit. No wonder mother and daughter were so close as adults.

48. Best gift ever

The royals don’t celebrate Christmas the way we do. They’re all so rich that they only ever exchange cheap, funny gag gifts. That’s why Prince Harry, definitely not a man to let the opportunity for a joke pass him by, once bought the Queen a shower cap with “Ain’t life a bitch” emblazoned across it. And she thought it was absolutely hilarious.

49. Balmoral Fashion

Another underrated source of humor contributed by the Queen was all those fantastic expressions she made when watching her horses race. This shot was taken in 2015 as her fabulously named horse “Balmoral Fashion” competed in the Royal Windsor Horse Show. And if you didn’t already know who she was, the Queen could almost pass here for just a random happy old lady.

50. Cake crisis

Cutting a cake can potentially be a tricky business if lots of people are watching. Don’t mess it up! But even the Queen messed it up once. Photographer Chris Jackson described this photo to the Insider website in 2022: “If you look closely, you can see the knife stuck in the cake. It’s a great example of when things don’t always go to plan, it often makes the best photographs. Everyone bursts into laughter and it’s suddenly a relaxed moment.”

51. Miss Piggy

Believe it or not, the Queen knew who Miss Piggy was! And even related to her! The story goes that the Queen was watching a video of Prince Charles’ wedding to Diana when she turned to Philip and said, “Do look! I’ve got my Miss Piggy face on.” The palace staff even presented her with a Miss Piggy birthday card a few years later — and she burst out laughing.

52. Unexpected quip

When the Queen visited Northern Ireland in 2016, deputy first minister Martin McGuinness asked her, “Hello, are you well?” She responded wryly, “Thank you very much. Well, I’m still alive, anyway.” She was 90 years old at that point and, of course, she had more years left in her than that comment implied. The Queen was a very impressive 96 when she passed away.

53. The Queen and Kate share a giggle

It’s sometimes said that families that play together stay together – and the royals do seem to be a playful bunch. In this scene from 2012 the Queen and the Princess of Wales can't contain their giggles. Although it’s not known exactly what the pair found funny, they were attending a sports event in a park in Nottingham, England, at the time.

54. The Queen and Meghan share a joke

When the Queen and Meghan Markle attended their first official engagement together just weeks after the actress married Prince Harry, the pair seemingly got on like a house on fire. Certainly, neither woman could contain their laughs as they attended the unveiling of the Mersey Gateway Bridge near Widnes, England, in June 2018.

55. Close encounters of the Queenly kind

Amazingly, some American tourists didn’t realize they were talking to the then Queen of England when they bumped into her during a walk at Balmoral. They even asked her if she’d ever met the Queen! D’oh! The royal’s response? “No, but he has” – while pointing to her security guard.

56. All smiles with the Queen and Kate

The Queen and Kate Middleton seemed to have a pretty close relationship. Here they are all smiles and deep in conversation at an event in Leicester, England, in 2012. According to the now-Princess of Wales herself, the late Queen was welcoming from the very first time they spoke. She told the Press Association in 2010, “[When] I first met her...she was very friendly.”

57. Young at heart

The monarch clearly didn’t appreciate Justin Trudeau’s speech celebrating her 63 years on the throne. In her whip-smart response, she said, “Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister of Canada, for making me feel so old.” Trudeau later tried to make up for it by tweeting that the royal would always be “forever young.” A tad too late, we think!

58. Dead giveaway

The Queen proved she had a dark streak in 2016 when she rocked up at the Chelsea Flower Show. After learning about the poisonous effects of the lily of the valley plant from gardening expert Jekka McVicar, the monarch said, “I’ve been given two bunches this week. Perhaps they want me dead.”

59. Throwin’ shade

How funny was Her Majesty? Well, in 2015 Karen Dolby wrote The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II. And one of the Queen’s most scathing quips in it was aimed at Princess Michael of Kent. Apparently, Princess Michael mentioned she wanted to shoot HRH’s beloved corgis. The Queen then said, “They’re better behaved than she is.” Ouch!

60. Elephants – and monarchs – never forget

A sense of humor was often cited as one of the keys to Elizabeth and Philip’s long-lasting marriage. And while celebrating their 72nd anniversary, the monarch proved that she could still tease her beloved. Appearing at a public event, the royal was heard to have asked very loudly, “What’s the date?”

61. Vacations before grandkids

We’re sure that Queen Elizabeth was excited about the arrival of her first ever great-grandson. But she also had other matters on her mind when asked about the impending birth of Prince George in 2013. “I hope it arrives soon because I’m going on holiday,” the monarch said at a public engagement. Tough break, kid!

62. Bushism backfire

In 2007 George W. Bush accidentally stated that the royal had been present at the USA’s bicentennial celebrations in the 18th century. And although Bush soon corrected himself, the Queen Elizabeth didn’t let him forget it. Making a formal dinner speech two days later, she quipped, “I wondered whether I should start this toast by saying, ‘When I was here in 1776.’”

63. She’s the star

Pity the poor escort commander! During one state visit, a bodyguard tried to block well-wishers from getting a view of the monarch as she traveled around in a carriage. But apparently Queen Elizabeth soon reminded him that she was the star of the show! She quipped, “Actually, Captain, I think it’s me they’ve come to see.”

64. Egging her on

In 1986 protesters in New Zealand threw eggs at both the Queen and the late Prince Philip during a tour of the country. But she wasn’t too traumatized. She remarked, “New Zealand has long been renowned for its dairy produce, though I should say that I myself prefer my New Zealand eggs for breakfast.”

65. She’s a tease

Queen Elizabeth once went unrecognized when she was looking to buy some cake near her Sandringham estate. Well, kind of. Because a passer-by did inform her of her notable resemblance to the monarch. “How reassuring” was said to be the royal’s reply — after essentially being told that she looked like herself.

66. For Queen Elizabeth’s eyes only

The third wife of James Bond star Roger Moore, Luisa Mattioli, once asked what many of us have thought over the years. During a visit to Buckingham Palace, Mattioli asked just why exactly the Queen carries around her purse all the time, even when she’s at home. Well, the royal made a fair point when she answered, “This house is very big, you know.”

67. Not devoted to you

The Queen probably didn't have The Everly Brothers on her Spotify playlists. After listening to the pair’s rendition of “Cathy’s Clown” at a Royal Variety Performance in the 1960s, the monarch offered her verdict to her court lady. And it wasn’t exactly a kind one. She compared the hitmakers’ song to “two cats being strangled.” Me-ow!

68. Niagara takedown

Niagara Falls is considered one of the most spectacular sights in North America. But the Queen didn’t seem particularly bowled over by its beauty during a visit to the Canadian landmark. According to The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II, the monarch simply commented, “It looks very damp.”

69. Who’s the boss

A security guard at the Royal Windsor Horse Show was no doubt left red-faced when he failed to recognize the guest of honor when she arrived. The man in question told the Queen that she wouldn’t be allowed to enter without the right pass. “I think if you check, I will be allowed to come in,” was reported to be the Queen’s perfect response.

70. Sassy Queen

Her Majesty has no qualms about having a pop at those in power. During one Buckingham Palace reception, Margaret Thatcher had to quickly take to her seat after feeling faint. This was the second consecutive year that the then-prime minister had reacted in such a manner. The royal didn’t have much sympathy, though, apparently remarking, “Oh, look! She’s keeled over again.”

71. Answering back

“Who do you think you are?” It’s the kind of question that most parents have asked their children during heated arguments. But the Queen was allegedly able to instantly silence her mother during an argument over the phone when she sassily answered, not incorrectly, “The Queen, mummy, the Queen.”

72. Birthday one-liner

While making a toast at Prince Charles’ 70th birthday celebrations, the Queen took the opportunity to showcase her stand-up skills. She joked, “My mother saw me turn 70, of course. And she was heard to observe that 70 is exactly the age when the number of candles on your cake finally exceeds the amount of breath you have to blow them out.”

73. Blow your own Trumpet

The Queen couldn’t stop cracking jokes when she took David Attenborough for a tour of Buckingham Palace’s gardens in 2018. While walking past an unhealthy sapling, the royal remarked, “Somebody sat on it, I think at a garden party.” She also blamed health and safety for putting an end to the game of conkers. And when their chat was rudely halted by some overhead helicopters, the Queen said, “It sounds like President Trump.”

74. Cringe!

Guests at a Buckingham Palace reception were apparently left dumbstruck when French president General de Gaulle’s wife seemed to reply “a penis” when asked about the most exciting aspect of her retirement. But the Queen spared the lady’s blushes when she suddenly remarked, “Ah, happiness.” Phew!

75. Fiery wit

Her Majesty certainly didn’t panic when Princess Margaret accidentally caught herself on fire during a festive get-together at Sandringham. According to Major Colin Burgess, the incident happened when the latter’s hair met with a lit candle. Yet her locks were so thick that she didn’t realize until her sister coolly remarked, “Oh look, Margo’s on fire.” Luckily an alert staff member soon put the flames out.

76. Trashing royal protocol

Turns out that the Queen wasn't a stickler for the rules...some of the time, anyway. While recalling her 2016 trip to Windsor Castle, Michelle Obama remarked, “I had all this protocol buzzing in my head, and I was like, ‘Don’t trip down the stairs and don’t touch anybody, whatever you do.’ The Queen said ‘just get in, sit wherever’ and she’s telling you one thing and you’re remembering protocol and she says ‘Oh it’s all rubbish, just get in.’”

77. That James Bond line

Her Majesty stole the show at the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony with her appearance in a James Bond sketch. The royal uttered those famous lines, “Good evening, Mr. Bond,” to Daniel Craig’s double agent. When asked beforehand whether she wanted a speaking role by dresser Angela Kelly, the Queen insisted, “Of course I must say something. After all, he is coming to rescue me.”

78. Exhibitionism

You wouldn’t have expected the Queen to show up to an art exhibition of nude paintings. And yet that’s where she found herself at an event staged by renowned artist Lucian Freud. But while looking at one particularly eye-catching painting, the royal couldn’t resist telling her aide to ensure that she wasn’t “photographed between a pair of those great thighs.”