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30 Of The Fastest Celebrities To Ever Run A Marathon, Ranked

Have you ever wondered whether Will Ferrell could beat Oprah in a race? Well, that's no longer a hypothetical question. If you ever watch a marathon in person, you might want to pay close attention: there just might be a few famous faces in that sea of runners. Plenty of celebrities have traversed the 26.2 miles, and a few have really blown away the competition. We've ranked 30 of the biggest stars to ever cross the marathon finish line, and their results may just surprise you.

Al Roker — 7:09:44

Always looking to promote a healthy lifestyle for his viewers, Al Roker has competed in a number of races, which he usually participates in as a walker. Back in 2010, the news personality conquered the 26.2-mile distance in just a bit over seven hours. Roker said that the "sense of accomplishment" keeps him motivated throughout his training.

Alicia Keys — 5:50:52

The Grammy-winning singer ran in the 2015 New York City marathon in order to raise money for a charity that she founded, which aids impoverished families in Africa and India. Keys described her training for the race as extremely difficult, but she expressed that it was nothing like what less fortunate families face on a daily basis.

Pamela Anderson — 5:41:02

Who says you can't start running when you hit middle age? At 46 years old, the former Baywatch actress, who admitted that she didn’t even really train, completed the New York marathon. “I really haven’t attacked the running thing,” she told NY Daily News in 2013. “I’ve never been a runner. I’ve never even run across the street hardly before.” Though she didn't exactly finish in record time, she still pulled in $288,492 for Sean Penn's Haitian Relief Fund. It’s safe to say she earned every penny of that money.

Katie Holmes — 5:29:58

Holmes was purported to have been one of the many celebs to complete the NYC Marathon in 2007, though it's hard to say for sure if that's true because sources claim that she registered under an alias. Whether it was an elaborate ruse or not, former husband Tom Cruise and their daughter, Suri, were all smiles at the finish line.